Thomas Blaauw

Thomas Blaauw and his family have been a part of the Langley community since 1966.  On trips out to his cranberry farm in Glen Valley Mr. Blaauw appreciated the beauty of the properties and understood the importance of such areas for wildlife.  He said in the past it would be nice to purchase the property but it never came up for sale.

The Blaauw Eco Forest was purchased by Mr. Blaauw’s family in his memory and will preserve the rare habitats for many generations to come for research, education and public use.

For more information about Mr. Blaauw visit TWU’s magazine Trinity Western.


Pacific sideband snail

Beth Guirr

Photo: Pacific sideband snail, Monadenia fidelis is a blue listed species found in Blaauw. These little fellows enjoy our trails too, hopefully you'll get a chance to see them!