Blaauw Eco Forest

Situated in the lowlands of Glen Valley in the Township of Langley, the Blaauw Eco Forest is a beautiful 30 acre preserve of mixed and coniferous forests, ponds and even a bog. The Eco Forest was made possible by a donation from the Blaauw family in memory of Mr. Thomas Blaauw to Trinity Western University to purchase the property for public use, education and research.

There is a restrictive covenant on the property held by the Township of Langley that protects the property for future generations.

Trinity Western University students have been conducting research on the property, they have discovered over 115 animals on the property including species at risk (Red-legged frogs and Pacific sideband snail).

Cedar waxwing

Curtis Abney

For an incredible introduction to the Blaauw Eco Forest please check out this video!

The Blaauw Eco-Forest Documentary from Trinity Western University on Vimeo.