The Blaauw Eco Forest land is part of the unceded territory of the Kwantlen First Nation.  Local historical records show the Blaauw Eco Forest lands and surrounding land north and west were originally owned by Mr. William Pike in 1882.  Maps shown in “Roads and other place names in Langley, BC” by Maureen Pepin for the museum and heritage commission shows that the land had been subdivided into 5 acre parcels as far back as 1910.

Prior to the Blaauw Eco Forest the lands were part of Gray Pit, as it was on Gray Rd (84 Ave) which was  named after HJ Gray who owned property in the area.  Gray Pit is a Township of Langley gravel pit that still operates  on the south side of the Blaauw Eco Forest.


Photo: A rough-skinned newt found at the forest on a lovely rainy day. (Taricha granulosa)

Roughskin newt

Beth Guirr